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“Project Piripi” is a series of sixteen stories that focus on a young lad, Piripi

who lives with his grandfather in the Coromandel.  

The first story, "Secrets in the Soup" sets the scene where Koro tells Piripi about his own childhood.  The remaining stories are in a contemporary setting. 

The stories are currently being prepared as e-books, and include art, music and literacy and Te Reo projects. As e-books, video and audio resources are included.

Illustrations are created by superimposing cartoons over actual photographs.

As e-books are completed they will be available for download (as zipped files that expand as  windows pc e-books,) on the "shop" page of this site.  Cost is $5 per download. 

There are 16 books in the series.  The complete set can be purchased for $60.   (a saving of $20).

Licensing covers a whole school, and the file may not be shared with other schools.

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