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"Secrets in the Soup" is the first of a series of sixteen stories in "Project Piripi"

These stories all feature 12 year old Piripi who lives with his Koro, on the Coromandel Peninsular on New Zealand's North Island.

The stories explore a number of aspects of life in New Zealand.

All the stories include an original song and backing track, and learning activities for literacy, art, inquiry and Te Reo.

The subsequent stories are: "Koru",   "Tahi Rua", "Tuatara", "ANZAC Day", "Matariki", "Genesis", "Kakapo", "Elvers", "Magpies", "Pukana", "My Dog Has Fleas", "KGHYTB Spells Fish", "Wagons", "McCahon Can", "He Said".

"Secrets in the Soup" (Multimedia e-book)

  • The download is a zipped e-book which unpacks as an *.exe file to be run on a  pc with a Windows operating system

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