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Creative Writing


Tutor: Valentine Venimore

Better known in the local area as a tutor of Art and Music, Valentine has also broad experience as a writer.  He has been published as a prize winning poet, has had an original  Musical Production performed on stage,  was a columnist and cartoonist for a Hawkes Bay newspaper and has written a number of educational resources.

In this series of workshops we will look at some of the following (depending on the interests of the participants):

1-Poetry: Rhyming or otherwise, local and international, famous and obscure.

2-Creativity: (Lewis Carol:   Portmanteau words.  Jabberwocky: The Owl and the Pussycat, radically revised.)

3-Short Stories: From Katherine Mansfield to the modern day. Joe Bennett starters. Lyttleton columnist and humourist, Joe Bennett has written several volumes of short stories.

4-Articles & reviews: Consumer information, social commentary, news reporting.

5-Young people's stories.  

6-Dialogue (scripts).  One act plays.

7-Lyrics, song writing, themes and approaches. 

8-Novels. Writing and publishing your best seller. 

More information to come.

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